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Winners of the Australian Fencing Awards 2021 & 2022

Weld Mesh Fences

Security welded mesh fencing is a top-tier solution, tailored for your fencing and gate business. Comprising sturdy metal wires meticulously welded at intersection points, it forms a formidable barrier against intrusion and unauthorized access. This advanced fencing option offers enhanced security without compromising on aesthetics, blending seamlessly with various environments. Its robust construction and anti-climbing design deter trespassers while maintaining visibility. From protecting critical infrastructure to securing commercial properties, security welded mesh fencing stands as the epitome of modern perimeter defense, delivering both strength and sophistication to safeguard valuable assets.

Our Most Common Weld Mesh Fencing Products

  1. 358 Mesh Security Fencing: 358 mesh security fencing, often referred to as "anti-climb" or "prison mesh," is engineered with precision. It consists of closely spaced horizontal and vertical wires, creating a grid of 3" x 0.5" (76.2mm x 12.7mm) openings. This design effectively deters climbing attempts, making it a staple in high-security environments like correctional facilities, military installations, and airports. The mesh provides robust protection while allowing for clear visibility, striking a balance between security and situational awareness.

  2. Corrugated Mesh: Horizontally Corrugated 358 Variant: Often called "Corromesh" takes the foundational design of 358 mesh and introduces a unique twist with horizontal corrugations. These corrugations enhance the strength and rigidity of the fence, making it particularly suitable for applications where a reduction in rails are required. This variation is commonly utilized in many security fencing applications. The horizontal corrugations reinforce the mesh while maintaining the security features of the original 358 design.

  3. V Press: Press Formed 358 Variant: V Press is a variant of the 358 mesh that incorporates press-formed V-shaped profiles. These profiles add structural integrity to the mesh, making it another great alternative to 358 without the use of rails. 

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